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February 6, 2019

'The Cycle of How to Get Healthy'

Drs. Rezaie and Beardsley discuss the direct cycle of how to get healthy. This cycle involves Rest and Action, Nourishment and Elimination and Connection with Self and the Environment. Focusing on these main areas of your life in this order allows for full engagement in your life that then translates into the utmost health states.

February 1, 2019

'Steps to Guarantee Any Plan is Successful'

Dr. Beardsley flips the old adage “out with the old, in with the new” and challenges you to bring nourishing things INTO your life to allow for the elimination of others. Focusing on what to bring IN encourages a “building mindset” and eliminates the feeling of restriction or limitation.

February 5, 2019

'Nourish to Eliminate'

Dr Beardsley discusses Nourishing to Eliminate, flipping the old adage “Out with the Old, In with the New” and challenges viewers to consider bringing in the “good” to get rid of the “bad”. She covers 3 areas that she commonly reviews with clients and as well as how she applies this concept in her own life to allow for focus on nourishing to eliminate.

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User reviews


I have been working with Dr. Beardsley for 8 years. She has been amazing….really personable. She takes the time to listen and ask questions. She goes above and beyond.  When I came to her I was struggling with Hashimotos, low thyroid, and anxiety. She has helped me find the right balance of medicine, supplements, exercise, and nutrition.  I have never felt better! We have since moved to another state and I still continue to work with Dr. Beardsley remotely. I highly recommend her!

– Mindi G.


Dr Beardsley is beyond compassionate and professional. She was very helpful in helping me recover from COVID. I will see her in the future for other things. She’s a wonderful provider.

– Caitlin C.


Dr. Saman Rezaie, NMD and Dr. Lauren Beardsley, NMD are a dynamic team!  Not only are they AMAZING doctors, but they are also AMAZING human beings. They are engaging, sincere, professional and truly care about my well-being.  They have addressed my specific[TM1]  challenges and given me the tools and support needed to be successful on my health and wellness journey.  Each time I see them, I feel inspired and empowered to be “my very best self” and strive to reach my personal goals!

– Terri M.

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Melissa, member since 2019

"I'm forever grateful for those changes that have made a lasting impact on my health"

Melissa spent years seeking out help advice for auto-immune related issues she was having. She had visited over a dozen doctors & had been recommended several medications that had been ineffective. Then she began working with Blocks Of Health…

Jamie, member since 2018

"Dr. Lauren & Dr. Rezaie have been a huge part of my life for many years..."

Jamie had dealt with chronic back pain for years. After working with Blocks Of Health – she began working towards improvements in her diet, movements, and overall well-being.

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Member since 2019

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