Blocks of Health Practice

We deliver personalized service.

Our naturopathic medical approach is unique, unlike any other provider visit you have encountered: long appointment times, online classes/newsletter, personalized attention, and direct messaging.

We purposefully keep our medical practice small to offer you more individualized care. Our membership programs and packages are cost effective ways for those that are committed to change and grow.

What to expect

Discover yourself through next level health

This is the opportunity for you to meet our team and for us to meet you. Let us share how we practice and what we see available for you, and you share what you are interested in building. We want any relationship to be strong from the get-go AND we want it to be a win-win for all parties. Let’s make sure that we are a good fit. 

This part is FUN because we discuss what is possible! 

During your consultation, we will explore your health history and current concerns along with your lifestyle, beliefs, mindset, behaviors, and habits. We want to gather a comprehensive overview of YOU so that we can take the appropriate next steps toward discovering the root causes of your concerns. 

This session is the start to fast tracking you out of illness and into feeling great. 

For changes to be of any true value, they must be lasting and consistent. 

Our team accompanies you through regular check in visits to assess progress, answer questions, course correct if needed and help you continue to move forward confidently.

We provide digital courses and supportive resources  to help support you along your journey to better health. 

Members of our programs have unlimited access to our comprehensive library of courses and resources. 

Menu of Services

We specialize in our approach, not a condition. With that said, here are some initial reasons people just like you come seek our care.

Brain & mental health


Hormonal issues


What our clients are saying